Kinds of College Scholarship Programs

If we are going to categorize the kinds of college scholarship programs available today, we can only sum them up into 2: college scholarship programs that are given by colleges and universities and college scholarship programs that are given by institutions or groups.

College Scholarship Programs from Colleges and Universities

There are 3 common types of college scholarship programs given by colleges and universities:

• Academic scholarship
• Athletic scholarship
• Departmental scholarship

Academic scholarship is probably the most popular type of scholarship given by schools. This type of scholarship is given to students who either have performed well during their high school or have applied and passed for an academic scholarship.

Athletic scholarship, another popular type of scholarship is given to those with exceptional talents in sports. But, this type of scholarship is not limited to athletes. There are students who are artists and stage performers. They can acquire this type of scholarship as well. Some schools have other names given to this.

The departmental scholarship is another type of college scholarship given by colleges and universities. This has two purposes: to attract students to enroll at the department and to keep good students from transferring to another department

College Scholarship Programs from institutions or groups.

Meanwhile, there are other scholarships given by institutions and other cause-oriented groups. These are:

• Corporations
• Religious groups
• Unions
• Associations
• Individuals
• Employers

Some corporations provide a free college education to those who pass their requirements. Usually, corporations that offer scholarship programs are those who are willing to employ their scholars to work with them after they finish their degree.

Religious groups have been very active in giving their underprivileged members the chance to study and finish a college education. These religious groups have funds allocated to their scholars.

Unions can provide college scholarships to the children of their members.

If you browse the internet and look for scholarship providers, you can find that there are sites that focus on giving students their chance to study for free. They are associations that exist to do this purpose.

Many individuals are opening their doors to those students who want to study and finish a degree. These individuals could be found online or offline. They could be one of your neighbors. They could be persons that could be found on the internet that solicit money from other individuals and then give the donations to students in need.

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